In the beginning

Hi. I’m Tony Morgan, a Central Heating Engineer, just like you.

When I started out as a new engineer, I soon realised it was a lot harder to get the knowledge and confidence I needed than I thought it was going to be.

And then I started my own business, just like some of you.

Starting my own business was not as easy and profitable as I expected. In fact, I made countless costly mistakes. And it seemed like the money I made was less than working for wages. The pressure to get more money took a toll on my self-esteem, and this translated into poor customer service and then poor sales. This became a downward spiral.

I knew I had to find a solution to reverse this situation. And I did. I realised: “Give customers superior service and your customers will be happy to pay superior money”. It’s as simple as that!

With focus and determination, research and development I created a brilliant learning and business system that works on this simple philosophy. And I packaged this under the name of the Masterful Engineer Programme (MEP)


The Only Way Is Up

The Masterful Engineer Programme is for Independent Engineers who want to join a community of like-minded people. Being part of this community gives them the ability to earn a higher income from their existing business and to pick up additional work from the network. This is done far more easily and with far less stress than if they were on their own.

My company A+R Boilers is the founder member of MEP and uses all of its programmes, systems and methodologies. And this has positively impacted my company’s performance. Look for yourself on Google and you’ll see what customers think about us. Google “boiler repair Manchester”  and you will see that my company, A+R Boilers, has 1000+ 4.9-Star Reviews. Now compare this with other companies in the country. Google boiler repair Birmingham and look at the reviews for companies in Birmingham.

Try boiler repair Liverpool  or boiler repair London and boiler repair Leeds. Look at the reviews in these cities and compare them with A+R Reviews.

You’ll see that we have got one of the highest Google reviews in the country.

Here’s a question: Why has A+R Boilers got the one of highest Google reviews throughout the country? The answer is that A+R Boilers has successfully implemented the systems of the Masterful Engineer Programme.


Becoming A Masterful Engineer

A Masterful Engineer goes beyond technical ability because a true Masterful Engineer has all-round qualities: being professional with integrity, purpose and confidence.

The Masterful Engineer will stand out amongst the other Gas Safe Registered Engineers in the eyes of the public. Once the public finds out such an engineer exists, they will want to choose a Masterful Engineer every time. Being a Masterful Engineer is not just about experience. There are thousands of engineers who have experience but who also have the wrong beliefs – they do not assume responsibility for the outcome of their own actions. So, to become a Masterful Engineer you’ll need to gain the right knowledge and beliefs – hence the right mindset.

With the right knowledge and beliefs you can start to build Personal Power. This is a sense of deservingness. Of believing that you deserve success and happiness. I know this because it’s what I discovered I needed to do to make real success happen. I have put this material together using information I’ve learnt from different people and different entities.

Doing this might be hard for some of you, and might be easy for others. But the reality is, if you want things to change, well, you will have to change.



The Next Step

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