The Accelerated Training Online Course has theory and practical videos covering 10 modules
Mark Cain

Great video! Is it true electric boilers are very expensive to run compared to gas tony?

Terry Hutton

This is the future of heating and Hot water…we are ahead of the curve, so this is great for all of us, who are part of it.

Myles Morgan
new customer

Excellent technical knowledge

Terry Hutton

Great information, and I like the classroom format. The men in the classroom ask the questions I would ask, so it is very interactive. Tony responds really, really well. In comparison to other courses, this course is with-out a doubt, the most comprehensive
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Deborah Skeete

Totally agree of you analogy of the flow and return.

Lloyd Rivers

Excellent video. I had this scenario play out exactly. I incorrectly thought the immersion heater had failed . Tony told me to go back to basics and I traced the fault to the neutral inside the spur switch.

Diane Fawley
regular customer

Really excellent Tony especially the downloadable Repac notes. Really love the analogy of flow and return for electrical short circuit “crash” just brilliant!

Mustafa Ahmed
Executive director of Seven Media

So far so good. Your videos are starting to tie everyth ing together. Looking forward to the rest of the modules

Terry Hutton
Co-owner of Seven Creative Group

Great video Tony, the multi-meter is an important part of a Gas Engineers kit… and this video is really well explained and the visual are well put together.

Tom Gair

I don’t want to look too far ahead in the course but does all this theory in first couple of modules get reinforced with practical videos? I sure could do with a video explanation of what’s going on in the boiler with flow through hydro lock to heat exchangers as this isn’t 100 % clear yet.

You have an excellent way in explaining things which really does help a new guy like me understand more. Thank you for that.